Keeping Housing Affordable

I will support the immediate structural reform of the Department of Planning and Permitting including the dedication of council attention and funding.


  • An Audit of the Department of Planning and Permitting’s Processes for Reviewing Building Permit Applications was published in January 2020 which outlined specific steps to streamline the departmental processes
  • In the 2022-2023 budget the Department of Planning and Permitting requested $15 million of Federal Reserve Funds (FRF) to purchase new software and hire a consultant to create written departmental procedures
  • Submitted building permit applications are taking around 134 days on average to evolve from the pre-screen process. 


  • The timeliness of legally obtaining a permit can increase the costs of residential homes due to delays and volatile costs of building materials.
  • The city received $198 million in the first and second traunch of federal funds and the money to purchase software needed to be released and encumbered months ago.
  • Start up the city certification process so there are more qualified people and firms that understand the necessary permitting codes. Require all screening and reviewers in DPP to take the certification test so that the applicant and the approver are speaking the same language which will expedite the process. 

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