Keeping Homes Livable

I will support the expedition of all residential permits to help local families keep their homes livable and operational.


  • On August 11, 2022, DPP reported 3,499 applications in the initial processing or pre-screen phase, and 4,780 permits in Plans Review with DPP plan examiners.
  • Solar can decrease electricity costs. Residents are required to apply for a permit to install solar. Electricity costs have risen 7% due to the rise in gas prices and the closing of the last coal plant in Kalaeloa.
  • The Department of Planning and Permitting requires permits for residential home improvements for any work of more than $1000.


  • Create a separate line for commercial, residential, and agricultural permits. Each type of permit has different requirements i.e. homes waiting for solar should have a simple process to be approved quickly.
  • Allow licensed and certified third-party reviewers to clear up the prescreen backlog. The prescreen is a checklist that should be completed quickly and the department should resolve small edits via zoom etc.
  • The threshold for home renovation should be higher and local families should be able to do a reasonable and safe amount of work on their own property while following all codes and laws.

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