Keeping Open Lands

I will support farmers and agricultural tourism as a way to keep open lands.


  • Bill 10 related to use regulation was introduced on February 22, 2022, and had some changes for agricultural farming land.
  • Farming has decreased over the last decades on O’ahu and during COVID some farms completely shut down.
  • Oahu has the smallest total acreage of land being used for farming aside from Kahoolawe.


  • We live on an island where 85-90% of our food is imported. Legislation and policy should be passed that support our farmer’s needs to produce more food.
  • Farmers are struggling to keep their farms open and supporting farm tours not only helps farms stay open but educates others on the reality and importance of food sustainability.
  • In my district, Kahuku Farms is one example of a parcel of land growing food for the local community, raising young farmers, and creating jobs for community members through their food services.

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