Keeping Farmers Farming

I will work together with the Farm Bureau to start an infrastructure co-op for the upstart and needs of farmers.


  • The cost of housing is much higher than a farm worker’s income and therefore farming workforce housing would help to incentivize farm operations.
  • The 14-member Hawaii Food Hub Hui which acts as a small farmer-focused food aggregator was created to help local farmers.
  • In February 2022, local nonprofit Hawaii Investment Ready launched a new Hawaii Food Systems Accelerator program to increase food security.


  • Farmers should be at the core of all policy decisions on agricultural legislation and guide appropriate infrastructure investment.
  • We need to support workforce housing for farm workers if we want farms to increase their operations and ability to provide food to local communities.
  • To increase the production of locally grown foods, the city needs to help improve agricultural infrastructure including agricultural parks, irrigation systems, and distribution systems/facilities.

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