Keeping Residents Informed

I will propose that “Resolution 22-123 Urging the administration to have an annual educational property tax campaign” be maximized for the benefit of the residents.


  • Resolution 22-123 was passed on May 17, 2022, and the city administration has put information in the newspaper, spoken at realtors forums, done a press release, and put out social media posts.
  • The annual deadline for qualifying residential property owners to file claims for real property tax home exemptions is September 30 the year preceding the tax year for which the exemption will apply.
  • There are 372,646 homes per the last US Census which require an extensive amount of outreach to the local residents of Honolulu.


  • More education for Hawaii residents on how to correctly apply for exemptions could result in a more affordable property tax assessment.
  • The council members should hold annual town halls in every community to help with informing the general public.
  • Elected officials are responsible for creating policies that will stimulate the economic well-being of our residents so they don’t have to leave Hawaii.

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